Do you not know what to say when making a cold call? Do you procrastinate making calls to potential customers because of this reason? Well I know how you feel. 

I remember wasting days in my business staring at my phone talking myself out of making calls. 

Worry no more, as I have a solution for you. It is 5 easy cold call strategies that enabled me to generate 5 new leads each 1-2 days. 

Now at this stage I wasn't a sales professional and only 2 months into my first business. 

If I could use these keys with barely any experience, anyone can excel using these steps!!!

If you want to become a master of the cold call and increase your sales then download my guide below.  

Inside You'll Learn:

Learn how to build rapid rapport with your prospects and open a cold call with confidence.

Get strategies on how to structure your conversation so you gain your prospects attention and interest.

Gain an understanding on how to qualify your prospects to see if they fit your products/services. 

Understand how to close your prospects to a sales appointment with you in a way that gets them excited. 



Nationally recognised for inspiring the lives of many. Jordan is a specialist when it comes to teaching business owners how they can increase their sales.  

Whether it is training your sales team technically, inspiring them mentally or teaching you how to improve your pitching and prospecting specifically‚Ķ.  

Jordan can help you, not only because he has achieved results for himself but other business owners too right around Australia.  

He has been listed in the top 30 under 30 Entrepreneurs in Australia by Anthill Magazine and shared the mic with the likes of Jack Delosa and Dr. John Demartini.  

Increased drive, appointments and sales is the benefit from working with Jordan. He is there to help you open yourself up to growth by challenging to step up and play a more influential game of sales.